Lawrence Monday Night Open Circles

We create an environment of respect, concern, and honesty where you, and any man, can work toward realizing your full potential as a son, brother, husband, father, leader, elder,…

We won’t tell you what to believe or what to do, because you are the only one who can know that. We will only support you in being true to yourself throughout your life’s journey. We know you have a busy life, just like we do, so we don’t waste time chatting. Meetings are very structured and get right down to serious business. Be on time. Don’t wait until you feel “ready” to come to one of these meetings. You are always ready because we welcome you with with whatever “baggage” you bring along.

The Lawrence Monday Night circle is open every Monday night. Any man, initiated or un-initiated, may attend as we explore the nature of being a man. This is a safe circle emphasizing honesty, courage and respect. Please call Charles Gruber at 785-766-3400 or email Charles at   New men are encouraged to arrive at 6:45 PM for orientation.

For a map and directions to Charles’ office click on the compass.

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