Gateway and Ally New Warrior Training Weekend

by richardrenner on July 13, 2016


The Heartland MKP Chapter and the Central Plains Chapter are presenting a Gateway NWTA on November 18-20, 2016 at the Chihowa Retreat Center, Perry Ks. This is a unique weekend that focuses on the GBQT men  in our community and offers them a transformational weekend with peers and allies.

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Why does the ManKind Project hold Gateway NWTAs?

MKP USA is committed to providing a powerful initiation experience for as many demographics of men as possible. We are increasingly committed to listening to, responding to, and inviting groups of men who have different backgrounds, experiences, and stated desires.

All New Warrior Training Adventures are portals into initiation. The New Warrior Training Adventure has evolved over time. “Gateway” New Warrior Training Adventures are one aspect of this evolution. What we have learned over the last 15 years is that there are particular demographics who do not come to the NWTA weekend because of perceived trust and safety concerns, issues of demographic relevance, physical accessibility, gender choices, economic disparities, and other significant cultural differences. Often, these concerns are associated with histories of discrimination, exclusion, isolation, and oppression.

For MKP USA, Inclusivity is connected to acceptance and celebration of difference. Inclusive does not mean homogenous. MKP USA is committed to creating a variety of entry points and opportunities for personal development for all kinds of men.

MKP USA creates male-only containers because we believe that for many, having a single gender space for doing deep healing work is powerful and meaningful. For some, this type of container provides a feeling of freedom, understanding, and safety that they may not experience in a mixed gender container. Our commitment to creating Gateway NWTAs follows a similar set of assumptions. For some, a container where they experience more men who are ‘like them’ in key ways creates additional possibility for trust, vulnerability, and taking risks. For others, a more demographically mixed container creates a different kind of growth opportunity. Gateway NWTAs provide options; all are free to choose.

The fundamental assumption is that MKP USA does not know what a man’s work is. MKP USA is committed is to creating different entry-points for more men to initiate on a path of emotional maturity, spiritual awareness, and deepening community.

What makes a Gateway NWTA different?

On a Gateway NWTA, the majority of the staff men (+/- 90%) are members of the specific population served. Because of the make-up of the staff, participants entering the NWTA container experience men that are culturally ‘like them’ in specific ways. This creates a level of trust and safety which can remove a barrier to men stepping fully into the intended transformation of the weekend.

Cultural aspects unique to the men served are often incorporated into the weekend, while still maintaining the essential integrity of the NWTA and ‘flow’ of the processes. Participation in our Gateway NWTAs is always open to any man. Men who register for the NWTA are informed ahead of the event if it is a Gateway NWTA.

What is the impact of Gateway NWTAs?

  • Some men who have attended Gateway NWTAs have shared that they would not have considered the NWTA without having a ‘Gateway’ available.
  • Men joining I-Groups and Men’s Groups.
  • Opportunity for cross-cultural dialog, healing, and deep connection. 
  • Men from diverse groups stepping into service and leadership positions.
  • Expansion of the demand for Gateway NWTAs and continued innovation in their development.
  • Innovation in the delivery of the NWTA through evolutions in protocol. 
  • Increase in the number of men involved in MKP from historically targeted demographics.
  • Greater recognition and acknowledgment of the ManKind Project as a culturally inclusive organization.

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